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ThesIS offers top-notch coding services ranging from complete outsourcing to one-time projects. Our coding services are designed to meet a wide range of needs. All of our coding undergoes a rigorous, multi-person review to ensure that your data is coded accurately and consistently.

Centralized Coding for Drug Safety and Clinical Trials
Overflow Coding
Legacy Coding

Centralized Coding for Drug Safety and Clinical Trials

Our centralized coding service for drug safety and clinical trials is an easy and extremely cost-effective solution for companies that do not have (or want to have) their own coding staff.


Outsourcing your coding to ThesIS has many distinct advantages:

  • No need to maintain your own coding staff
  • No need to have and maintain your own thesaurus system
  • Centralized coding for both drug safety and clinical trials results in a single synonym list per dictionary for your entire company.
  • Company-wide synonym lists facilitate reconciliation between drug safety and clinical data and also facilitate the migration to newer versions of each dictionary
  • Eliminates the difficulties with pooling together data coded by multiple CROs

Our experts have coded extensively for drug safety and clinical trials using MedDRA, WHO Drug, ICD, and other standard dictionaries.

In addition, all coding is reviewed as a team on an ongoing basis. The discussions (sometimes quite extended!) that take place during these team reviews continually deepen our coders' collective understanding and knowledge of each dictionary. Moreover, the resulting decisions are carefully documented in our ThesIS coding conventions. This rigorous coding and review process means that you get consistently coded data no matter which individual is doing the coding.


Meeting your timelines is never a problem for us because our coders work as a team. We can assign as many coders as necessary to turn around your data when you need it, without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. Our internal processes and our exceptional thesaurus system ensure that all coding is done to your company-specific coding conventions.


High quality coding with fast turnaround times does not have to come at a high price. In fact, outsourcing your coding to ThesIS is extremely cost-effective:

  • Coding is charged on a per unique term basis. You only pay once for each unique term coded into a dictionary, regardless of the number of times that term appears in your data.
  • There are no start-up costs involved
  • There is no minimum volume of terms required

As a result, you pay only for the amount of resource you need. This "pay as you go" model is especially cost-effective for smaller companies that don't have enough data to justify an in-house coding staff but are unable or unwilling to make a large upfront commitment.

Larger companies with in-house coding staffs must always balance the ability to handle peak loads against the cost of their coding staff being idle at non-peak times. Our "pay as you go" model means that you never pay for underutilized resources and yet never suffer the costs of not meeting your timelines.

Outsourcing your coding to ThesIS also eliminates your need for a thesaurus system. Whether you are a small or large company, in almost all cases we can provide you with coded data for less than the cost for you to license, install, validate, and maintain a thesaurus system, let alone the cost of hiring your own staff to code within that system.

Easy Integration

Whether you conduct studies in-house or are using CROs, it's extremely simple to integrate us into your existing processes. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it is to get started, and how seamless it is to exchange data with us on an ongoing basis.

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Overflow Coding

If you have your own coding staff, you can utilize us for overflow coding. This enables you to handle peak workloads without having idle staff at non-peak times.

We do not require a retainer or any minimum commitment for this service. You can set up this arrangement ahead of time and have us always "on call" without incurring unnecessary costs.

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Legacy Coding

If you have legacy data that has been coded to an older dictionary such as COSTART or WHO-ART, ThesIS can re-code it to any dictionary and/or version. Using our powerful and efficient thesaurus system, our expert coders can re-code your data quickly, accurately, and consistently.

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Still have questions about our coding services? Click here to go to the frequently asked questions about coding.

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