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As new versions of MedDRA and WHO Drug are released, companies are continually challenged to migrate, or "upversion," their data to the latest release.  Many companies use the new version only for coding new data (leaving already coded data unchanged) or choose to re-code only those terms where the previous code is no longer available in the new version.

If you use either of these approaches, your versioning strategy falls short. Your versioning strategy must also determine if entries added to the new version are better choices for your previously coded data. Otherwise, like terms will be coded differently over time, impacting your analysis and reporting.

ThesIS offers a complete versioning solution that ensures your previously-coded data is coded to the best possible term available in each new MedDRA or WHO Drug version.

By combining innovative technology with our in-depth MedDRA and WHO Drug expertise, we can quickly and precisely pinpoint only those reported terms that need to be re-coded because the previous code is no longer available or because a newly added entry is a better choice. Through this highly targeted approach, your existing data is fully updated to the latest version with minimal re-coding.

Our exclusive versioning service is not limited to the latest dictionary versions. Our expert coders can use our exclusive versioning software to easily identify the changes between any two versions of MedDRA and WHO Drug and then migrate your data accordingly. And we can upversion your data whether it was coded by us or someone else.

You get more than just reports.

You get data completely coded to both versions, allowing you to assess the impact of the changes based on the actual coding. You can report using either version depending on your needs and timelines. Furthermore, there is no impact on your ongoing operations since the versioning is first done within our systems.

Using our versioning solution, all of your verbatim terms will continue to be linked in later versions of the dictionary. You will be able to analyze your previously coded data against all newer versions of MedDRA or WHO Drug.

Unique. Innovative. Cost-Effective.

The ThesIS versioning service is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Unlike versioning solutions where all your data is passed through an auto-encoder, our exclusive versioning software enables us to make changes to your data only where needed, thereby preserving the quality of your original coding.

  • Our highly targeted approach means we can offer this service at a price that makes it extremely cost-effective.

  • Because our versioning service is so quick and cost-effective, you can migrate your entire company (drug safety and all clinical trials) all at once and eliminate the problem of multiple versions in use.

  • We can upversion you on both MedDRA and WHO Drug.

We have many years of experience successfully applying our versioning techniques for both small and large companies. We understand how to upversion your data to give you maximum value with minimal impact.

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