MedDRA Overview

MedDRA® is the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities. It is a globally accepted, clinically validated medical terminology used within all phases of the drug development process, including classification of medical events for clinical trials and drug safety.

Our in-depth experience with MedDRA starts from 1997, when we first started coding clinical trials using MedDRA 1.5.

This initial use of MedDRA distinguishes us from most other early adopters of MedDRA who used it only within drug safety. By using it early on for coding clinical trials, we have had many years of experience developing and refining practical techniques for effective MedDRA coding and versioning on a large scale.

We know how to implement MedDRA fully across your company, encompassing clinical trials as well as drug safety.

ThesIS expert coders have used MedDRA extensively and are among the most knowledgeable in the industry about the dictionary. Your data is sure to be coded properly.

We are experts with MedDRA versioning.

In addition, we offer an innovative MedDRA versioning service that can quickly and cost-effectively migrate your data each time a new MedDRA version is released. Our many years of experience enables us to migrate your entire company - all clinical trials as well as drug safety simultaneously - with minimal impact to your company timelines.

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