World Class Technology

ThesIS coders are among the best in the industry, but cannot achieve the best possible results unless provided with the best possible tools for coding and versioning.

With that concept in mind, we set out to create a world class, global thesaurus software system. The resulting thesaurus system, developed in conjunction with a major pharmaceutical company, was designed by our thesaurus experts to efficiently manage even the most demanding thesaurus operations. From its beginnings in 1995, our proprietary system has proven itself in full production use across a complete range of dictionaries, versions, and projects.

The ThesIS thesaurus system provides:

  • An open architecture that enables it to easily exchange data with any system. In most cases, you won't even need to have your own thesaurus management system.
  • The ability to keep your data separate and secure
  • A complete and extremely powerful set of tools for migrating to each new version of MedDRA and WHO Drug
  • The ability to exchange data continuously so that coded data is available throughout the study
  • A full set of built-in and customizable checks to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • The ability to extract -- on demand -- data as it was coded at any point in time (no need to pre-define a snapshot or checkpoint)

Our thesaurus system fulfills all requirements for computer systems validation.

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